Saturday, July 13, 2013

Be Present

By Megan Powers 

As my departure from Cagli looms, I’m filled with mixed emotions. 

In one way, I have very little interest in returning home to my life in the U.S. As many Cagli students have mentioned in the past, and those who take this journey will continue to say, I truly am enjoying the slow life of Cagli. 

There is a dichotomy between the slow-paced life here, and forced “pauza” (afternoon 3-4 hour break), and the amount of course-work we are expected to complete while here. But having the chance to be totally immersed in school, while being immersed in a foreign culture without any other concerns? Brilliant. 

Getting to the top (we're close here) was SO tough, but worth it.
A metaphor for this adventure in Cagli!
I don’t have unrealistic expectations of the return home, but realistic ones, which is why this way of living is so appealing. 

Alas, as I get ready for re-entry back into my own daily life, I find myself thinking of that all too often. I need to be in the NOW and continue to enjoy every beautiful moment in this community of Cagli. 

For the next 48-hours I will remind myself to be present.

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